We proudly provide over 5,000 displays situated strategically across different venue types, spanning 175+ markets nationwide.

What is Programmatic Digital Out Of Home?

Programmatic digital outdoor advertising is the automated purchase and management of digital ads. This method enables advertisers to make data-informed decisions, aligning with their objectives to effectively reach their target audience. Through programmatic buying, advertisers can implement advanced targeting and audience strategies, executing transactions based on impressions to ensure precise audience engagement within the appropriate stage of the ecosystem.

Digital Billboard for Villanova Volleyball on Lamar Advertising Inventory

What is Programmatic Digital Out Of Home?

Media Formats

Lamar Advertising and Quaker Oats Company roadside programmatic on digital network

Roadside Billboards

Lamar is proud to offer its customers the largest network of digital billboards in the U.S. with over 4,800 displays.

Lamar Advertising and Greater SATX digital airport advertisement


Unlock a world of Programmatic opportunity in 25 airports nationwide, connecting with over 184 million+ annual passengers.

Lamar Advertising and Nordstrom advertisement in Bryant Park, New York

Urban Panels

These urban panel screens enable advertisers to showcase their message on all 8 faces, ensuring a strong presence on both sides of Bryant Park in NYC.

iPhone 12 advertisement display Vancouver on Lamar Advertising inventory


With an abundance of travelers, both tourists and locals, transit screens have a wide audience reach, great for all types of advertising.

Enhance your campaign using data and creativity

With Lamar’s innovative offerings, you can leverage data and creativity to ensure your programmatic campaign stands out. Publish live sports scores, adjust your creative based on weather or traffic, utilize social media content and more.

Dynamic Creative on Lamar's Digital Billboard

Enhance your campaign using data and creativity

How to Buy Programmatic Out of Home

Purchasing Lamar programmatically seamlessly integrates with leading demand side buying platforms, offering diverse buying options for advertisers to customize, streamline, and optimize campaigns, achieving their advertising goals and standing out in the competitive landscape.

PMP pool of inventory for a tailored campaign

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Always On Focused on a target audience

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Open Exchange Multi-screen, multi-vendor access

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Programmatic News

Data and Re-Engagement Process

Craig Benner of Accretive Media and Ian Dallimore dive into the intricate process of capturing data to re-engage consumers using Out of Home.

Programmatic Networks

Programmatic Digital Out of Home allows advertisers to target key locations and change creative in a moment’s notice. Below are Lamar’s current pre-built promotional networks Lamar that can be activated with ease. 

Measuring Digital Out of Home

Effective campaign measurement remains paramount, and the future holds promising possibilities for OOH in the dynamic world of marketing.