Data Capture & Re-Engagement 

In the ever-evolving landscape of advertising, Out of Home (OOH) stands out as a powerful medium for engaging consumers. In this educational series video, Craig Benner of Accretive Media delves into the intricate process of capturing data to re-engage consumers using OOH. This highly advanced process includes combining billboard positioning and mobile location data and considering factors such as board size, consumer proximity, bearing, and speed of travel. Craig reviews the OAAA-approved methodology that supports this multifaceted approach.

Key Steps in the Data Capture and Re-Engagement Process:

Board Positioning: Accurate placement of OOH boards to maximize visibility and impact.

Mobile Location Data: Leverage mobile devices to understand consumer movement and behavior.

Consideration of Factors: Analyze board size, consumer proximity, bearing, speed of travel, and other variables.

Feasibility Analysis: Ensure each study meets minimum requirements for durability and significance.

Ensuring Meaningful Insights at Scale

Accretive Media ensures that measurement efforts are conducted at scale, delivering meaningful insights through comprehensive feasibility analyses for each campaign. Their measurement infrastructure is designed to support campaigns of all sizes, from local initiatives to massive regional executions. Craig showcases how the platform displays all data behind each statistic and rigorous tests for significance.

Balancing Data Capture and Privacy

In addressing privacy concerns, Craig underscores Accretive's commitment to responsible data collection. As a member of the Network Advertising Initiative (NAI), the company adheres to a strict code of conduct. Its platform is built with zero Personally Identifiable Information (PII) collection so as to understand consumer behavior without compromising individual privacy.

Bridging the Gap Between OOH and Consumer Behavior:

Accretive's OOH Graph™ plays a pivotal role in connecting OOH exposure  with various online and offline behaviors. This patent-pending process enables the company to understand post-exposure behavior including media consumption, CPG sales, auto sales, and more. This holistic approach delivers 360 insights related to the impact of OOH advertising.

The Future of Data Capture and Re-Engagement

Craig envisions a future where OOH advertising can be adopted and adaptated. Accretive’s aim is to prove the effectiveness of OOH by encouraging widespread adoption of measurement. The company is ready for adaptation, which includes seamlessly coordinating OOH and Connected TV (CTV) retargeting to enhance campaign effectiveness. With this strategy, Accretive is positioned at the forefront of industry innovation and equipped to showcase the synergies between the physical and digital worlds of advertising. 

As the OOH industry continues to evolve, Accretive's commitment to innovation and responsible data practices will further establish the company as a leader in harnessing the power of data capture and re-engagement for impactful advertising campaigns.