Measuring & Retargeting

Out of Home advertising has traditionally been challenging for marketers seeking precise metrics to measure to campaign results. The massive scale and diversity of OOH have, historically, made it difficult to measure effectively. However, the OOH landscape has undergone a significant transformation. Today, OOH offers innovative measurement solutions that can help marketers evaluate their campaigns accurately. As a result, OOH is no longer just an awareness tool but serves as a powerful means for achieving a range of marketing objectives.

Device ID Passback 

One of the most advanced offerings in the DOOH realm, Device ID Passback provides anonymized device IDs of consumers exposed to OOH campaigns. Brands can extend campaign impact by re-targeting and understanding OOH's role across other media channels.

Brand Lift Studies

By evaluating the resonance of a message seen in an OOH ad, brands can collect real consumer feedback and data related to campaign recall, awareness, consideration, and intent. This technique provide valuable insights into an ad’s effectiveness in engaging the audience.

Foot Traffic Studies

By utilizing anonymous mobile device IDs to understand consumer behavior patterns, brands can measure increases in physical foot traffic resulting from OOH exposure and determine the connection between the OOH campaign and real-world visits to physical locations.

Conversion and Sales Lift Studies

By anonymously measuring actions such as app downloads, specific site interactions, and customer purchases, brands can quantify website visitation and consumer activity following exposure and ensure that cross-channel campaigns are optimized to maximize return on investment (ROI) and drive sales.

OOH advertising continues to evolve as a reliable and data-driven marketing channel. The seamless integration of OOH into omnichannel approaches enables personalized ads and retargeting, enabling brands to remain top-of-mind throughout consumers' daily journeys. Effective campaign measurement remains paramount, and the future holds promising possibilities for OOH in the dynamic world of marketing.


Case Studies

With a multitude of audience strategies available, Lamar Programmatic DOOH can help your brand effectively engage and connect with your target audiences and measure the success.

Case Studies

Programmatic digital bulletin for Bally Sports featuring live updates for sports games