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Serving the outdoor advertising needs of Sacramento

Sacramento Landscape

Lamar Sacramento is proud to serve the Out of Home advertising needs of businesses in Sacramento. With our extensive inventory of transit displays, and the best team in the business, we will help you craft a campaign that successfully reaches your target audiences.

Known as “The River City,”  Sacramento is the capital of California and has the 5th largest economy in the state. The city has grown into a center for arts, culture, and innovation. According to Forbes magazine, Sacramento ranks #6 in job growth, #11 in living cost, and #12 in ”coolness.”  

Sacramento offers a thriving culture scene with museums, theaters, and galleries celebrating art, history, and heritage. Events like the Sacramento Arts Festival, the Sacramento Film Festival, Farm-to-Fork Festival, and the colorful parade of the Pacific Rim Street Fest all showcase the city's appreciation for music, food, and community. When it comes to sports, Sacramento is home to the NBA’s Kings,  drawing sports fans to the city for games every year. 

Lamar of Sacramento's Out of Home transit advertising coverage is equally dynamic. In a place where creativity and entrepreneurship are celebrated, we provide businesses the ability to connect with the community through innovative transit advertising, including bus and light rail displays.

Sacramento Transit Advertising Office
50 Fullerton Court, Suite 207, Sacramento, CA 95825