Transit Advertising

Our transit advertising products raise brand awareness by reaching your target audience across different types of transit. One of the most powerful forms of outdoor advertising, transit ads utilize public transportation to reach a larger geographical area. From buses, trains and subway cars, to shelters and benches, diversify your marketing strategies and take advantage of the benefits of transit advertising.

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Saturate the market and reach your customers throughout their daily journeys with bus advertising. These high-impact 'moving billboards' go where the people go, circulating through cities and suburbs across North America, offering unparalleled ad exposure.


Available in various sizes and formats, from side panel displays to fully wrapped buses

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Ads move throughout major and secondary arteries and the busiest streets in major cities

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Seen by pedestrians and vehicular traffic from multiple directions, simultaneously

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Targets specific demographics based on route and deliver exposure where other Out of Home advertising may be prohibited

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Wraps and extensions make your ad stand out

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Full bus wrap for Syracuse University on Lamar Advertising inventory
Bus advertising for Love Louisville on Lamar Advertising inventory