Digital Capabilities

Lamar digital billboards display creative content that can be programmed, triggered by a wide range of data sources, and updated multiple times throughout the day, enabling advertisers to reach and engage audiences with timely, relevant and memorable messages.

Wendy's ad on a Lamar Digital Billboard at night

Digital Benefits

Digital displays are positioned on the most traveled roadways in the area and within highly visible locations. Dynamically updated real-time content and imagery enables advertisers to share messages with speed, control, and flexibility, increasing engagement with target audiences.

Check out how other businesses have used our digital billboard capabilities below.


There are no production costs added to the space rate

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Schedule, manage and take control of your digital creative content

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Share your message with the public with greater speed

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Upload, schedule and change creative with ease, keeping audiences engaged

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Digital Capabilities

Creative on digital billboards can be programmed to incorporate a wide range of dynamic content. Adding a dynamic element to your ad can grab extra attention and boost engagement at no additional cost!

BankFirst ad with a weather question on a Lamar Digital Billboard

Weather & Temperature

Automatically change creative to display updated weather-related information at the digital billboard’s location including current conditions, future forecasts, active weather advisories, sunrise and sunset times, moon phases and more.

Boston Celtics Playoffs countdown on a Lamar Digital Billboard


Generate hype and excitement for upcoming events by displaying a live countdown clock alongside advertising creative. Clocks can count up or down in days, hours, minutes or any combination of time values.

Cox WiFi and traffic time comparison on a Lamar Digital Billboard

Traffic/Drive Times

Using real-time traffic data, display traffic conditions in the area of the digital billboard. Share accident reports, drive times on popular routes, average speed of traffic, and other helpful information related to delays and advisories.

NBA Playoffs live scores on a Lamar Digital Billboard

Live Scores

Stream updated scores from live events, display schedules or the latest team or player standings, all in real-time. Update digital creative based on the status of a game or live sporting event as it happens.

Taco Bell Quesalupa Tweet on Lamar Digital Billboard

Social Media

Access status updates, posted photos, comments and reactions from popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Display content alongside creative to encourage deeper audience engagement and interaction.

Delta flight information on a Lamar Digital Billboard

Flight Data

Drive engagement with travelers and their family members by displaying real-time air travel-related data, including flight arrival and departure information, on digital billboards located on roadways leading in and out of airports.

Oklahoma Powerball ad on a Lamar Digital Billboard


Generate greater awareness of upcoming state and local lottery drawings and increase ticket sales by updating information related to jackpot amounts, lottery numbers by state, and upcoming game dates in real-time.

KDXA 2 Breaking News on Lamar Digital Billboard

Additional Data Feeds

From pollen counts, ER wait times, stock indices, breaking news, and more, integrate and stream data from any source, including advertiser-owned feeds, to make digital campaigns more dynamic and memorable.