DNA of Modern Brands with Tina Sharkey

Tina Sharkey Podcast Graphic

In the season 6 finale of the Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes Tina Sharkey, Lecturer & Faculty Member at USC’s Iovine & Young Academy, Board Member at Havenly, HeyDay, PBS, and a global keynote speaker. During the episode, Tina discusses her vast experiences in digital media, branding, and technology, and how she has used brand strategies to shape the landscape of modern digital communities. 

In this episode, Tina discusses:

  • Her experiences during the early days of digital transformation.

  • How the term "social media" was established during her time with iVillage.

  • Her initial career in fashion, inspired by her mother, and her transition into the tech world, including early projects with HGTV. 

  • Her startup role at QVC’s new network, Q2, and co-founding iVillage, which grew into the largest online community for women

  • Insights on turning around and scaling BabyCenter, including how she helped Johnson & Johnson achieve a global reach. 

  • The key element of trust in branding and the need for brands to connect with consumers through authentic stories and values.

  • The role technology plays in as a tool for enabling impactful ideas

  • The rise of AI and its applications in business strategies.

  • The concept of “Buycotting” where brands align with specific values to strengthen loyalty among core consumers, even if it alienates others.

  • How brands can track trends and foster loyalty by using cultural anthropology to better understand consumer behavior.  

To learn more about Tina Sharkey and hear her insights on digital media and branding, listen to this week’s episode on major podcast platforms like Apple Podcasts and Spotify.