Flamingos, Brand Building, and goodr Culture with Stephen Lease

Marketing Graphic for Stephen Lease as a guest on Lamar's Digital and Dirt Podcast

In episode 14 of this season’s Digital and Dirt podcast, Stephen Lease, CEO of goodr, joins Ian Dallimore to discuss his career path as an entrepreneur, the culture of goodr, and the company’s unique Out of Home campaign in Carl, GA.

In this episode, Stephen explains how his entrepreneurial mindset and career journey led him to create goodr. Ian and Stephen talk about the many details that went into the formation of the company and how it has grown into the popular brand it is today. Stephen tells Ian about the importance of culture at goodr and the unique job titles of employees.

Stephen and Ian also discuss goodr’s growth strategy and how the company developed from a “running eyewear” to an “active eyewear” brand, as well as the uncommon names given to the company’s glasses and how those names come to life. Lastly, Ian and Stephen discuss the one-of-a-kind OOH campaign goodr is launching in the small town of Carl, GA.

To learn more about Stephen Lease and goodr, listen to the full Digital & Dirt episode available on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Google Podcast, and others or visit goodr.com!