Digital Dominance & Inspiring Insights with Shingy

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In Episode 6 of this season’s Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes David Shing, also known as the Digital Prophet, to discuss the role curiosity has played in driving his diverse interests and career path. 

During the interview, Shingy explains how a boy from the Australian bush became a creative director and strategic consultant. 

Among the additional topics Shingy and Ian touch on include:

  • The evolution of branding to focus on storytelling, personalization, and the forging of genuine connections.
  • The short duration of attention spans, lasting no longer than the first seconds of a song.
  • How curiosity can lead people to explore niches more deeply.
  • The role the internet plays in fueling curiosity.
  • How nostalgia offers comfort in uncertain times.
  • The impact of technology on passive consumption and its ability to spark more active engagement.

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