Game-Changing Advertising: The Power of Live Sports and Out of Home Impact with Robert Gottlieb

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In Episode 14 of this season’s Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes Robert Gottlieb, President of Marketing at FOX Sports.

During the interview, Robert shares his thoughts on the following topics: 

Live Sports as Advertising Gold

  • For advertising, live sports offers unique chances for brands to connect with vast audiences in real-time, leverage the communal experience, and capitalize on “water cooler” moments associated with these events.

Agility in Marketing

  • The evolution of marketing requires brands to seize on real-time opportunities and respond swiftly to pop culture moments. During live sports, this can be done with quick TV spots or social media engagements that deliver impactful and memorable connections with audiences.

Out of Home Amplification

  • OOH advertising amplifies the reach and impact of sports events. Broadcasters, like Fox Sports, leverage billboards, bus shelters, and outdoor formats to build anticipation for and awareness of upcoming events. OOH is an important part of a holistic marketing approach that extends beyond the broadcast.

Real-Time Advertising in Sports

  • For marketers, the ability to successfully execute a real-time advertising spot or social media engagement during a live sports event can be tremendously impactful, despite challenges and potential risks involved.

Media Mix Modeling Challenge

  • Determining the ideal media mix remains a challenge for advertisers. Marketers should emphasize impact over sheer impressions. OOH can and should be a valuable part of any media mix.

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