Disrupting the Digital Norms by Utilizing Technology in Sports with Jennifer Prince

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The episode begins with Ian and Jen walking through her storybook career which includes positions held at Google, YouTube, and Twitter. She describes how her journey has provided valuable insights into the power of data and analytics, how she is using those insights in her current role, and the need to prioritize partnerships over traditional sponsorships. 

During the podcast, Jen explains how the Rams use technology and innovation to engage fans, and how the team plans to utilize augmented reality (AR) and Snapchat Lenses in the upcoming season. 

Jen's emphasis on partnership over sponsorship is reflected in her belief in forming meaningful connections with brands and fans. Campaigns such as "Virtual Rams House,” created in collaboration with 6Connex, and the only NFL team deal with Dapper Labs for the creation of Super Bowl Ring NFTs, showcase the team’s commitment to embracing new technologies.

Jen is dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in the technology and sports industries. She highlights the underrepresentation of women in both fields and emphasizes the importance of networking and building connections to foster change. Building trust and establishing authentic relationships with clients and peers has been crucial to her success.

In terms of the Rams' off-season activities, Jen details the team's unique approach to the NFL Draft, which includes the "Draft Lab" House concept featuring content and collaboration with A-list celebrities like Bryan Cranston, Aaron Paul, Diplo, Cheech Marin, and Josh Duhamel. She confirms that training camp will take place in Irvine, where the team will host up to 10,000 fans each day. Lastly, Jen praises SoFi Stadium, the crown jewel of Los Angeles, which serves not only as the Rams home but also as an entertainment hub.

Throughout the podcast, Jen emphasizes the importance of being human, honest, and authentic in building lasting relationships, both in business and beyond. Her passion for leveraging technology, fostering partnerships, and promoting diversity makes her an instrumental figure in the Rams organization and the sports industry.

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