Billboards, Business, and Beyond: Lamar Advertising's Legacy with Charlie Lamar

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In Episode 13 of this season's Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes Charlie Lamar, Former General Counsel and Board Member for Lamar Advertising.

Among the topics discussed during this engage interview included:

  • Lamar’s remarkable growth and journey to becoming the influential company it is today.

  • How Charlie persuaded Kevin Reilly Sr. to advocate for his role as in-house lawyer.

  • The impact of Lamar's family dynamic, beyond just the name, throughout the company's history.

  • How Lamar has strategically leveraged acquisitions of “mom and pop” businesses to sustain growth.

  • The company’s transition into a publicly-traded entity.

  • The evolution of digital billboards and Lamar's pioneering role in driving industry innovation - a reflection of the company’s commitment to staying ahead in the rapidly advancing Out of Home landscape.

  • The importance of giving back, as evidenced by the charitable initiatives undertaken by the Charlie Lamar Foundation.

To learn more about Charlie Lamar and his impact on Lamar, be sure to tune in to the full episode now available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and other popular platforms!

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