Winning Partnerships: Manna Hospitality Group and the Milwaukee Bucks with Gina Sisk

Gina Sisk Podcast Graphic

In Episode 12 of this season’s Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes Gina Sisk, Media Director at Manna Hospitality Group, to discuss the company's supportive culture, how it adapts to changes in the media landscape and its success in implementing creative marketing campaigns.

In the episode, Ian and Gina discuss:

  • Gina's transition from roles in finance to advertising and her work at Young & Rubicam in Manhattan before joining Manna and eventually becoming Media Director.

  • How Manna began working with Wendy's franchises and expanded to brands like Chili's and Fazoli's, all while maintaining a family-oriented culture with an emphasis on detail, thoroughness, and employee support.

  • The shift from traditional media to diverse platforms and how adapting in today's media landscape requires establishing an intentional brand presence that considers audience, platform, and creativity. 

  • How the company encourages employees to propose innovative ideas and then provides full support for execution, fostering a culture where employees feel empowered to take risks. 

  • The importance of staying ahead in the evolving media landscape, from TV to platforms like TikTok, by understanding consumer behaviors and trends.

  • The role Digital Out of Home played in Manna's "Bucks Win, You Win" campaign was created in partnership with the Milwaukee Bucks. 

To learn more about Gina and Manna Hospitality Group, listen to this week’s episode now available on all podcast platforms.