Reimagining Snacking Culture and Convenience with Brigette Wolf

Brigette Wolf Digital and Dirt graphic

In Episode 14 of this season’s Digital and Dirt Podcast, Ian welcomes Brigette Wolf, CMO of My/Mochi, to discuss innovation in the CPG category and how she brings a unique perspective to the My/Mochi brand by leveraging her experience in the big food industry. 

In this episode, Brigette discusses: 

  • Her work with brands including Kraft Mac and Cheese and Oreo. 

  • The concept of "managing up” and the importance of sharing a vision and influencing leadership by understanding their needs and concerns. 

  • The goals of My/Mochi which include creating fun, portable, and shareable moments that resonate emotionally with consumers.

  • How approaching senior leaders with humanity, empathy, and respect can lead to better collaboration and realization of shared goals.

  • How working with smaller brands, where constraints are fewer, allows for more creativity, quicker adaptation, greater innovation. 

  • The unique snacking culture in the U.S. and how it contrasts with other countries where traditional meals are more common. 

  • How the shift in snacking, influenced by lifestyle changes and the need for convenience, impacts how products are marketed and consumed.

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